Tuesday, June 12, 2012

As a leader are you experiencing any of these challenges?

  1. Have you run out of options to boost sales growth and profits?
  2. Is project tunnel vision causing your team to be in denial of failure from ever evolving competing market forces?
  3. Is groupthink jeopardizing long term projects and competitive positioning?
  4. Have you stopped offering innovative solutions to your clients?
  5. Are you struggling to formulate a creative vision and communicate it effectively?
  6. Is strategy not being executed as planned?
  7. Is your senior leadership not performing as a team?
  8. Is it too difficult to consider the financial impact of business decisions across different business units?
  9. Is it complicated to share knowledge, resources and systems across different business units?
  10. Is your corporate culture unable to adapt to strategic direction?

If you answer yes to one or more of these questions you do not have a clear game plan to win. Contact GamePlanX at econcierge@GamePlanX.com to get a unique perspective that will lead to a comprehensive solution to your problem.

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